Running in circles

I spent the last weeks of 2020 mostly recharging my batteries and that was a great idea. I feel a lot better and had some time to organize the chaos in my head regarding my plans for Jookpubstock. Until now I just did what felt right with not much thought about it. I was productive this way but something was bothering me more and more.

With two jobs, the pandemic and little health issues (no worries, all better now!) I couldn’t really focus on figuring out what was bothering me with my progress as a stock provider.

Now I think I have a clue. I feel like I’m just running in circles at this point instead of moving forward. And I can’t really spend much time talking to you all. I literally just go through a checklist of things every week and that’s it. It feels very empty. But right now I don’t have the time to do much more. And that sucks.

My work as a volunteer is over at the end of January and I want to spend the next month focusing on my photos and everything around it. But it would only last for this month ‘cause there is one problem: money.

And then it comes full circle:

I want to invest more time in Jookpubstock.

I need money for that. But I want to keep most of my content free.

If I don’t make enough money with this hobby, I have to get a new second job.

If I have a second job, I probably won’t be able to invest more time in JookpubStock.


Long story short: I feel like I’m stuck right now and I don’t like it. Yeah, that’s about it. But I will figure this out!


I guess I will just keep taking one step at a time. I actually made some progress over the last weeks:

  • I use Instagram more “efficiently”

  • I’m almost done with my homepage (where I will upload all my photos and stuff like prop lists)

  • I have a basic concept for a Patreon page


First I wasn’t planning on telling you all of this but I think it’s only fair that you know the full story.

I still love this hobby so so much and I guess that’s why I think and worry so much about it.


Thank you all for your support, the kindness and amazing artworks you share with me.


Lots of love,

Jenny ♥